Introducing the Lotus Light LED34

Makes it easy to charge up to 15 lights at a time from 1 outlet. Please call for details.

Lotus Light makes a
great piano light.

LED's are rugged and never
need to be replaced.


More Applications

The Lotus Light is extremely versatile.
Here are just a few of the things our customers use it for:

• Accent Light

• Art Light

• Merchandising Light

• Podium/Lectern Light

• Reading Light

• Medical Procedures Light

• Audio Engineering Light

• Automotive Task Light

• Camping/Tent Lantern






lotus light docking plate

The docking plate allows Lotus Light to be used without the clip. It can be mounted using the included VHP pad or screws.

Lotus Light is a great reading light

Mounted using the optional docking plate.

reading light

Order Lotus Light today. If you are not amazed,
return it within 60 days for a full refund.
Model PRO6 : $119
Model PRO14 : $169

Both models include travel pouch and power supply.

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