Introducing the Lotus Light LED34

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special features
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Lotus Light makes a
great piano light.

LEDs are rugged and never
need to be replaced.


customer comments

The Lotus Light is spectacular! I've used it for a few concerts already and it makes all the difference in the world to be able to see clearly!
I have a pianist friend who says he'll order one because even though he's young with perfect vision, he says when he's playing collaboratively there are so many places where no one cares if there's good lighting.
Thank you for making my performing life so much brighter!
-Eugenia Zuckerman

The new light is simply magnificent!
-Sue Dinwiddy 

My Lotus Light just arrived and I absolutely love it. The older I get the harder time I have seeing music so I have been looking for a good portable light. Yours has the best features of anything out there. You’re a brilliant inventor!
-Becky Monson 

I am an active musician and booking agent in the DC area and I love the Lotus Lights you sent me. They put out more light and they're more flexible than anything I've used. Great design...thanks for thinking outside the box.
-John Knutson

Hi....I bought your Lotus Light and TOTALLY LOVE IT. I have burned out a lot of expensive bulbs that go in the Manhasset stand light...and I’ve burned myself...which always makes me quite cross. But never again.
-Laurel Van Maren

Our bell choir was tired of  replacing AA batteries in our clip on lights... and they really didn’t put out enough light anyway. Our search  for a better cordless light turned up many options but we are so glad we found yours. We love the quality and quantity of light it puts out; it’s very light weight and flexible and best of all it’s rechargeable.
-Etta Kurtz

I LOVE the way how your light is so flexile movable. And it's a nice light. And it's so lightweight - and no cable! Great!!! It even works in a ‘pitch dark’ room to give enough light to read AND to see the (harp)strings.
-Annette (from the Netherlands)

Thanks again for the Lotus Lights.  They are great.  As far as I can tell, you make the only rechargeable lithium battery powered LED light...I am so glad I found you. 
-Tacy Lysons


  • Juilliard Orchestras
  • St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
  • San Francisco Symphony
  • Santa Fe Symphony
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
  • Toronto Symphony
  • International String Quartet of Yucatan
  • Hill House Chamber Players

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